Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well I'm done (almost) with my next machinima and I'm going to let you know that you will laugh, and if you don't and you think it suck... well I hope we can still be friends. I won't get too deep into the plot, if there even is one, but i will tell you there's one major lore figure and one soon to be (hopefully) loved character.

Hey if it sucks it sucks, but i can honestly tell you the protagonist is like Nobody you've ever seen...

Also, this weeks How I WoW anniversary show that went for 3+ hours was damn hilarious.

Oh, and to the five of you that care, my show went great Thursday. I got a standing ovation and I was in the middle of the show. So hey, if this whole machinima thing doesn't work out, I always have stand-up to fall back on.


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