Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here Comes Peter, Hider of the Great Eggs

Since it is Easter I thought that I'd talk to you about the new improved Noblegarden. I already briefly covered what you had to do in terms of getting the items you need for the achievements. So today I'll cover some of those harder achievements and the easiest way to do them.

First of all you need the Items for the holiday. Farm until you either get them all from drops or until you have enough chocolate eggs to buy them. Getting them right off the bat will make things much easier for you.

As for the achievements, these are the ones I found were the most frustrating to get.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker: Cause I mean who isn't looking forward to hunting down female dwarfs, tauren, and trolls. The main problem with this one is the 5min cool down on the Spring Flowers. Once I found my tauren shaman and "bunnified" her, I saw the only female troll I'd seen all day sit at the bank for 4 min then logged out. Then I remembered how much I hate troll rogues.

Chocoholic: This one requires that you eat 100 Chocolate Eggs. It took me a couple days to farm all the eggs needed to purchase what I needed, and then they want me to eat a hundred of my hard earned eggs. More than anything this just adds to the tediousness of the event. By the time I got this one completed I was finished with the holiday and was truly bored with it. I defiantly didn't want to do it again on a Alt.

The rest of the achievements are more time consuming than anything; "Go here" and "plant this there" kind of stuff. Yes the event is better than it had been but it's still not perfect. I really think they should have added a 5 man boss for this event. Like a giant robot bunny in Gnomeregan that dropped a robot bunny mount. Hey a person can dream can't they?

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