Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nobody Like You: Halloween

That's right the new instalment of Nobody Like You is here! Well it's a short special about Halloween but it's still good! Don't worry I'm already working on EP 4 so it's not like it's going to be another month until you get EP 4.

The Halloween Special was made this last weekend... yeah made the whole thing in one weekend script to finish, take that... someone who... does fast movies... Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!

Also you can download the mp3 of the credits music here:


And the link to Hearts, Hands, and Voices for Child's Play is here:



Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey, long time no see blog. So as many of you(all 12 of you) probably figured out I've been away for a while. To be honest I wrote a script for EP4 and it wasn't working and I just needed a break. Having some time I tried to figure out where I wanted to go with the show and what the point of the show should be. I have a solid plan now and I'm going to start recording lines for the new script tonight.

But now for the real news.

When I took a break it was from everything wow related, including the wow insider podcast which I had been the most unofficial part of the show. Aparently for the last few weeks someone has been pretending to be me in the chat channel. Yeah someone felt that they needed to pretend to be a machinimast just so they could have a little bit of power with the show. Fucked up I know, and surprisingly not the first time someone has pretended to be me. So here's what I have to say to that person.

Dude what the fuck? The reason I have mod rights is because I made not only the WoW Insider Song machinima I also did Troller's Delight and have been a constant voice in the chat channel. All you did was pretend to be someone else. And the reason I'm more pissed than I normally would be is because you've been giving false information about me. My birthday is in April, which you almost got called out on in the show cause cause Turpster can see what my birthday is in skype.

I'm not famous, or big, or even that great of a machinimast. I'm a fan of the community, that's it. I love that Brigwyn not only writes a blog and records a podcast (or 3) each week but also gets thousands of dollars for charity by uniting some community celebrities. Turpster is hands down one of the cleverest people I've ever met and would help out anyone that asked it. Boubouille reports every major wow news no more than a couple hours after it happens. Mike Shramm is one of the key bloggers of the game and has helped many podcasts and bloggers get their start. Mike Gray finds and posts a new Machinima everyday on wow.com and gives them all great and accurate reviews, he understands that people make the films cause they love the game. And it was recently announced that Patrick Beja was Superman!

So that's it I'm back and I'm here to stay. I had forgotten why I loved this game and I remember now. I don't love the game, I love the community. My name is Jack Riley aka NinthBatter and I make World of Warcaft machinima. And remember, marriage is just prostitution with an instalment plan.