Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

Ignis The Furnace Master is responsible for making the weapons designed to conquer Azeroth. But did you know he also invented the radio. A little know fact is that Marconi wasn't the first design a working radio he was just the first to have a fully functional model and presented it first. He actually coppied the idea from Tesla who had come up with the idea before him. And Tesla had stolen it from Ignis while at a World's Fair. Ignis couldn't receive signals on his but he could broadcast. And now you know the rest of the story, good day.

Now for the Fight,


The Ignis encounter begins as a simple tank and spank fight (Naxx geared tanks can take upwards of 25000-30000 damage per hit, so healers need to be on the ball). Casters, particularly healers, should take care to stop casting before Ignis uses Flame Jets, otherwise they will be locked out of their spells for 8 seconds. All players should make sure to move out of Scorch areas. Random players will periodically be charged and placed in the Slag Pot attached to Ignis' stomach. Whichever player is charged should be healed through the DoT. Nice guy isn't he?

Iron Constructs

The fight gets slightly more complicated when Ignis activates an Iron Construct. For every active Iron Construct, Ignis gains a 15% damage bonus. No more than a couple of these should be kept up at any time. Iron Constructs should be dragged through a Scorch area until they turn Molten. Alternately, if you have root or snare capability, the Construct can be kited into the Scorch and rooted until molten. Once molten, they need to be dragged immediately to one of the water pools so that they turn Brittle. Brittle Iron Constructs are stunned for 20 seconds, have a 50% increased chance to be critically hit, and will shatter if 5000 damage is done in a single hit. Shattering a Construct will remove one stack of Ignis' damage buff.

Hope this helps.


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