Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flame Leviathan is Flame Leviathan Crazy...

Mimiron built the Flame Leviathan as part of the V0-L7R-0N weapons platform. Flame Leviathan was not always content with being a weapon and at the age of 14 left his home and headed for Hollywood. It was there that he landed a small roll in Endless Love, a drama/romance film starring Brooke Shields. Later that same year he had a more substantial role in the film Taps, appearing alongside George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn.

In 1983, he was one of many teenaged stars to appear in Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders. Flame's breakthrough came after Risky Business was released, which helped to propel Flame to stardom. One sequence in the film, has Flame lip-syncing Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in his underwear, has become an iconic moment in 1980s film. In 85' he landed another defining role in Legend directed by Ridley Scott, solidifying him as a character actor.

Flame Leviathan's next major role was in Top Gun which opened in May 1986... oh wait is that Flame Leviathan of Tom Cruise? I aways get the two of them mixed up.

Anyway the Flame Leviathan is a fairly easy fight. Just make sure people know what their vehicles do and have a set kiting path before your attempt and you should be golden. Most guilds will down this boss on their first couple attempts. Wowwiki has a great strategy for the fight.

Also, found this great vid on College Humor. I think it's appropriate for the flaming that's going on in this post.

We Didn't Start the Flame War


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