Monday, April 27, 2009

The Maiden of... Cats?..

Hey look it's the Maiden of Virt-- err Auriaya, a large women found in Ulduar. Ok sorry about that, I should really read my notes before hand. Auriaya is the *looks off camera* you're joking right? Well Auriaya is the "crazy cat lady" of Ulduar (every neighborhood has one) and judging by the cats, she's hella crazy.

The fight isn't too bad, like High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair it is all about the pull. The pull is the most crucial element to the fight, and it is not uncommon for your group to spend longer learning how to pull than actually learning the fight. The two panther adds that follow Auriaya will pounce on the initial aggro target if they are out of melee range but within line of sight. The idea is to not have the two kitties pounce anyone, so the pull must be done while both tanks are out of LoS from her until she is within melee range. A good place for the tanks to stand at the beginning is in the small enclave with the urn to the side of the stairs.


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