Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey I remember you...

Thorim served the titans as guardian of Ulduar and the Terrace of the Makers, and protecting the pacts between the races of frost. After betraying the Pantheon, Thorim's brother Loken tricked him into betraying his frost giant allies by murdering his wife, Sif, and blaming it on the frost giant king. Thorim was enraged, striking out at his allies and then settling into a long stupor. He was later sent to the human world in the body of a medical student where he fought crime. After being noticed by the Avengers Thorim joined the team and had been a major member until the Scrull invasion.

This fight begins with a large worm that needs to be faced away from the group. After the adds are dead kill her which will get you into the second stage of the fight. Then the raid will need to split into two groups, one staying in the middle and fighting vrykul while avoiding the outside edges. The other will be running the gauntlet, fighting their way to him. Speed is a factor with the gauntlet because after 5 min Thorim will wipe the group. After the gauntlet group reaches the top he'll hop down where the MT needs to grab him, after he does his Unbalancing strike the OT needs to taunt the boss, and so on for the rest of the fight. You'll also need to watch for the orbs of energy cause it means he's about to to cover a third of the arena in lightning in relation to him and the pillar at a 60 degrees angle.


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