Saturday, April 11, 2009

Messing With P.E.T.A.

P.E.T.A came to Azeroth,
To stop the seals being slain.
Little did P.E.T.A. know,
That their efforts would be in vain.
The Horde came to the beaches,
For their Daily Cooking mats.
The Alliance came as well,
The Alliance brought bats.
No P.E.T.A. Members spoke up that day,
Not even a whisper they would poke.
At the Thousands of Horde and Alliance,
Killing all the seals, as a joke.

That's right P.E.T.A. came to my server with the intention of protesting the seal killing in Canada. They had it set up with a couple Horde killing seals in the Howling Fjord, and Alliance would come and kill the Horde members. Their event did not go as planned.

Hundreds of Horde and Alliance were present for the event... all were there to kill seals.

When I first found out about this I thought to myself "Jack, my man. This has so much potential that you can't miss this." So I got a couple of my buddies on the server to join me in protesting the killing of Horde. P.E.T.A. you say that "Fur is Murder!" Well, I say killing people is murder. We gathered at the front lines of the Horde and protected them with a wall of meat (great feasts). And then I farmed about 5 stacks of Chilled Meat and couldn't stop laughing at the "Warranty void if Seal is broken" jokes that were being made.

P.E.T.A. never did actually speak up during the whole thing. I think they were way too upset that we were mocking them. But honestly, how could you expect for this not to happen when you have a guy in game named Nesingwary, who has asked you to kill almost a thousand animals for him. Yes P.E.T.A., WoW was indeed your best place to hold a demonstration for not killing things. Seriously, how the hell did P.E.T.A. think that this wasn't going to lead to them losing all credibility.


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  1. This made my day. Keep up the blogging (pleaseeeee)