Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ladies First...

Freya the Lifewarden is one of the 5 watchers of Azeroth and guardian of life, at all costs. Like the red dragon flight (5 watchers, 5 dragon flights, cool huh?) she has been tasked with guarding life in all forms and ensuring its survival. She is a "Daughter of the Titians", so I guess if this was Greek mythology she'd be a demigod or a minor god.

Just like Sartharion, she has 3 adds that will buff her and depending on how many are left alive determines the difficulty of the fight. The fight is split into two phases, phase one being waves of adds and phase two being a tank and spank. The tricky part of the fight is making sure dps survive phase one so that they have enough dps to overpower the HoT she puts on herself in phase two.


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