Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Diffrent...

Well first of all, I spent 2 hours on the PTR last night getting Easter eggs and in general trying out the new Noblegarden. So far everything works fine and I haven't encountered any bugs. I won't ruin the holiday but for anyone that wants to know what to do, you just need to head to a starting town (Goldshire, Brill, ect.) and there will be a couple dudes with some quests.

The eggs are NOT located where they use to be. They can only be found in the noob towns themselves. Good news is that they respawn somewhere else as soon as one is looted. And you use the chocolate eggs that you get to purchase Noblegarden items. Bad news is that the bunny pet costs 100 eggs and the flowers cost 50 eggs, both you need for the achievements.

Everything considered most of the holiday is changed for the better and will be accessible to anyone. I don't like that I'm gonna have to hunt down a Tauren and Dwarf female (I tend to not look at them as a rule) with my pretty flowers. But hey, at least you can purchase all the items you'll need.


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