Thursday, May 21, 2009

Would you like another hour....

Downloadable content (dlc) is what I see as the future of video games. It has been appearing more and more with the recent economic troubles, and of everything that has been brought about because of the recession, dlc is the best. You know that game you love so much, and you wish they'd come out with the sequel "well while we're working on the sequel here's a new zone for you to have fun with."

This really was first made popular by WoW. They gave their players whole new zones and area's to explore with out charging the player anything but a subscription renewal. This kept the players interested in their game and the player didn't spend money buying another game.

This trend will really define games from now on. It will also ensure that those games you love stay around and the player base will stay pretty consistent.

And for all of you loyal fans, a new pic for the project I just finished. Make sure to turn in to Saturday at 3:30p.m. est.


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