Saturday, May 2, 2009

With great power comes great responsibility...

Since today's topic has been getting a lot of publicity I thought I'd try to give a fairly logical look into the Martin Fury-Karatechop incident. For the full interview with Karatechop by Lesley Smith(a wonderful writer for wow insider) on the subject you can you can check it out here. I'm going to look at the holes that I see in the story and what I know from personal experience with blizzard. I've been temp. banned for trolling from the forums because I re-posted a topic that was deleted because of of the posts by a actual troll was sexual. But hey I didn't know and yeah I was upset but it was only for a week.

The short version of what happened was Karatechop's guild bank got robbed and in the process of blizzard refunding their items they sent them Martin Fury. The shirt is a end all, it kills everything in a 30yrd radius. The item was designed by blizzard for testing purposes, to see if death animation work and doors properly open when a boss is killed. Karatechop says that they had it for a few months and had used it on Malygos once when they were bored. And after the release of Ulduar they used it after not being able to down Flame Leviathan. They killed everything, including Algalon. He was permanently banned because of this.

From what I can see here's the major points for both sides:


  1. A GM sent them the item, they didn't hack.

  2. The shirt only has a hundred charges, it can't be used forever.

  3. They thought blizz was being cool for everything that had happened.

  4. The item could have been a typo on blizzards part, item 17 instead of item 17206.


  1. We don't know what blizz knows about the situation, dude might be a GM or have a friend who is and had the item given to him that way.

  2. Karatechop is defiantly not the wide-eyed gnome he tries to make himself out to be. They knew to kill the bosses on their hard modes or else they couldn't get to Algalon. They cleared new progression content before everyone else, even Vodka and Ensidia.

  3. They got a world first by using it and the item says "Cheater" on the bottom.

My personal belief is that this is a simple case of WoW espionage. Karatechop had uncovered a plot that blizzard was trying to gain legal control over all the water reserves in various Central and South American countries. He was attempting to get the word on the matter to the press, but blizzard got to him first. They have him detained in a undisclosed location.


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