Monday, May 4, 2009

Mr. Stinky-fish-face-lobster-giant-thing...

General Vezax, or Mr. Stinky-fish-face-lobster-giant-thing as I like to call him, is the last boss before Yoggy. He's a faceless one and what you think is his face is actually more like an elbow than anything else. Vezax is actually the former TV star Kirk Cameron... What? There's no joke here I'm being serious. What do you mean he does a bunch of Christ promos?!? Yeah right, and Doogie Howser is co-staring in a show with Jason Segel that's narrated by Bob Saget... Ok now you're just f@#king with me.

The fight can be broken into 4 steps:

step 1:
Before pulling General Vezax assign casters to groups to rotate through the process of regenerating mana through the clouds.
step 2:
Pull General Vezax, and start DPSing.

step 3:
Interrupt Searing Flames when General Vezax starts casting it.
step 4:
When General Vezax casts Surge of darkness stop all DPS on him. Have the tank kite him, since General Vezax will move 55% slower. It should be the perfect time for your casters to start taking the clouds for mana regeneration, and the healers to start AOE healing them.
Rotate through the caster groups to not overwhelm your healers.


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