Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have a dream...

As many of you know I play Warcraft, shocker I know. But to my disbelief I was called a noob, by no other than the raid leader of the raid I was in. Such hurtful words have led me to cancel my subscription and *reads prompter* quit the game... no really... oh god... oh god... the words hurt so bad... Yeah right, like I'd quit something I enjoy because a d-bag is doing what it is that makes them a d-bag.

So I was in 25man Vault the other day and the raid leader called me out saying I was a noob for not having deadly boss mods. I then informed him that not only do I not have deadly boss mods, I don't have any add-ons except recount. This lead the the whole raid mocking me since it was their guild run and I was the only pug. But to their dismay I was top dps for both Emalon and Archavon. So a melee dps (Death Knight) was not only top dps for both fights but also took the least amount of damage and was a good 4% dps above everyone else (everyone was in Naxx gear with a couple Ulduar drops, my DK is in naxx and pvp gear, I was doing 3.5k dps).

So here's my question, Why does it matter what add-ons you have? If you're a good player you're a good player. Just because you have a thing that flashes for you saying "you're standing in a place you shouldn't be standing in" doesn't make you the best player out there. I judge people by how they do with what gear they have and if they learn fast what has to happen. I think there's a lot of good players out there that aren't getting the praise they should. Yes I know gear matters once you're in Ulduar, and if your raid leader requires a certain add-on you should probably get it.

I don't think anyone should judge someone by the fact that they don't have the same add-ons and they do. Judge them because they're a troll or gnome! Yes judge them by the fact that they're stoners or if they can't reach the top shelf.



  1. IMO, if you can do it without addons, all the better for it. I'd love to be able to do that, but I'm not such a good player.

  2. dude power to ya if you can play like that. i know that i can't but i agree, just because you don't have a certain add on that doesn't make you a bad player. running from the positive side to the negative when you're negative on thad, that makes you a bad player.