Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Back...

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of posts but some how the blog got flagged for "hurtful and demeaning attacks at a single person". Now that I've sorted it out with them my account has been unlocked and I can post again. And boy do I have stuff to post.

We'll I think I'll start off with how dependent I am on my left hand's pinkie. I broke it and let me tell you, it is tuff as sh*t trying to type with out it and playing wow is equally hard. I've been messing up my rotation and retching in pain because I used my pinkie. Now I'm sure you'll say "Don't you have pain killers?" Yes I do, but the problem I have is they make me fall asleep, so it's either pass out playing wow or not pass out but be in pain. I choose the later.

Anyway the picture about is a screen shot of the project I've been working on which will be reveled Saturday. Nobody Like You Ep 3 is going great and I'll try to it get done as quickly as possible.

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