Saturday, May 23, 2009

Please take a seat...

So as many of you know I work in the film industry. If you did not know this it's ok, my Grandma still thinks I'm a civil engineering student. Anyway, my job picks up filming starting Tuesday and I'll have less time to post. I'll try to keep it every day posting like it has been but I may have to switch to posting every other day. And for those that wonder what film I'm working on I can't tell you the name cause of the NDA I signed, but I can say it's technically a sequel and it's starring a "chubby" Jewish comedian and a sexually deviate British comedian.

Also make sure you tune into to see the project I did for a buddy that made me not turn out Nobody Like You Episode 3 like I was going to. But it's cool I'll finish up Nobody Like You as soon as I can and then It'll be money.
(p.s. That's a pic of my dog at Halloween last year)


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