Monday, January 18, 2010

Nobody Wants Your Advice: MLK Day

Well here it is, the very first posting of Nobody Wants Your Advice. Given that today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day I think it is appropriate to reflect on where we've come and where we're going. While it is true that most races of Azeroth have achieved a sense of equality there are several that are still being oppressed. The Murlocs, the Gnomes, the Kobolds, and yes even the mighty Undead. This year alone hundreds of thousands of undead were slain for no other reason than they were zombies. One day I hope for the undead to be treated as equal, to be able to eat at the same restaurants as the living; this is my dream. I have a dream that undead will be able to attend the same schools, to ride the same mounts, to have the same jobs. I have a dream that we will not judge one by the decomposition of their flesh or color of their skin or sexual preference or whether or not they enjoy to eat brains!

Here's your questions,

Phorzzik asks:
Dear Lich King,

First of all let me just say that I'm a big fan of your singing, your version of Living on a Prayer was awesome! But with that being said, arn't you affraid that people will take you less seriously?

Lich King: Not at all Phorzzik. While it is true many people laugh at my performances in Nobody Like You, I take my job as the Lich King very seriously. And no matter what I do I'm sure that everyone will still fear the King of the dead with an army of undead and a kick ass sword. I'm like an onion, I have many layers.
Anub'arak: Yeah, after you remove the top layer you find a guy who can't get over his ex and who knows word for word the lyrics to Mama Mia.
Lich King: Shut Up!!!

Dragon Slayer asks:
Who's the bad guy of Nobody Like You?

Kel'Thuzad:Tirion Fordring?
Louis: Grnaawww....
Lich King: It's Jaina right?
Nobody: Bad guy? Do we need a bad guy? Maybe nobody is the bad guy... See what I just did... there... fine don't laugh.
Fox News. Fox News is the bad guy...

Dr Pepper PHD asks:
Hey Ninth,

I saw in a post a while ago you're about to start your new job soon. Just curious as to what you do for a living?

NinthBatter: Thanks for asking Dr Pepper PHD. Starting Tuesday I will be a writer for the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I've always been lucky with my jobs, I put in a lot of hard work and effort and it always seems to pay off. Nobody Like You was always a side project for me, something I could do to make films since I really enjoy making films but my jobs always have me doing one part of it while I like doing all the parts. Well maybe not editing, editing film is ok but not my favorite part. Anyway back to your question I just graduated from college but I've worked on films like "Funny People" and Worldwide Pants picked me up.

Thanks for all of your great questions and for the ones I didn't answer, I'm trying not to give away plot points and I can't say when the next episode will be released. But if you have a question you would like answered e-mail us at


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