Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Advice From a Member of the Scourge

Today we have a special post where Anub'arak will give love advice. Yep you heard right, love advice from a giant undead beetle... it was part of his sign-on bonus.

Marty writes in:

"I've been seeing this girl for about a month now and we really seem to click. I get her flowers on a regular basis and we see each other about four times a week. I'd like to take the relationship to the sexual level, any advice as to what I should do?"

Anub'arak: Well there's your problem right there, the flowers. While flowers are good for flirting and little reminders they don't show any real commitment. The female needs to see that you are serious about mating. My recommendation is to bring her a dead mammoth or rhino. You say the female likes you so then the female isn't going to want to kill you and lay her eggs in you. What you need to do is get the female a carcass to lay the eggs in. This will show commitment and that you can provide for the female.

Nobody: Yeah... just make her dinner with some wine. Make sure the lighting is low and be confident. From my experience a girl that likes flowers also likes to be taken. Show that you're comfortable with her and that you want her, if you two are clicking then you should know her signals...unless she's a giant spider, then yeah... go with the dead animal.

Anub'arak: Giant spiders need love too...


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