Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lord Marrowgar is a nice guy....

Lord Marrowgar is the gate keeper to Icecrown Citadel. Pieced together by the Lich King from the bones of a thousand vanquished adventurers, he is the guardian of the Frozen Throne within the spire, and wields the power of the throne itself. And let me just say, he's got a bone to pick with you! You see what I did there with the bone...cause he's a giant bone... Fine don't laugh! Marrowgar would have laughed at that joke. He always laughs at my jokes. Unlike you readers Marrowgar is a nice caring individual who's only dream was to some day learn the flamenco guitar. And all you readers do is walk into his home and try to kill him! Who do you think you are? I mean the nerve of some people.

As for the fight Marrowgar is pretty easy as long as you raid has some raiding under their belts. Have the tanks stack up in front of him so that they can absorb Sabre Lash(
Splits 200% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest ally) and the rest of the raid spread out so that: A)your entire raid doesn't get hit all at once by bone storm, and B)your tanks don't get hit with coldflame because they'll be taking a lot of damage as it is. He'll bone spike a party member so it's good to have ranged kill the spike. Like I mentioned earlier, Coldflame is a line of blue fire that spreads out from the boss. Once your raid can successfully avoid the Coldflame the fight becomes much easier. Finally, the boss will go into a bone storm during which he spins around the room doing a whirlwind and coldflames being cast in 4 directions. After he is done the tanks will reposition the boss and then rinse and repeat. He does have a 10 min enrage timer but if you are bringing appropriately (not blues or greens) players you shouldn't need to worry.


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