Monday, June 15, 2009

The Curse of 3...

Yes I actually have some news about Nobody Like You Ep 3. In fact this whole post will be about it! Now with all media there has been a curse on every 3rd instalment of a series. I'm here to inform you on what you can expect in the episode and hopefully the series.

  • The main character will not become Emo.

  • The plants won't be the reason everyone is committing suicide.

  • It won't be a dream.

  • We won't f*ck up the character of Deadpool.

  • We won't get the worse child actor ever to play the kid version of the Lich King. Wow although now that I mention it, Arthas is a Vader rip off.

  • We won't kill Patrick Stewart.

  • The Aliens won't die when they come in contact with water. (seriously, they decided to invade a planet that is covered with the stuff, the highest lifeforms are 80% the stuff, oh and yeah, it falls from the sky)

  • We'll make sure Han Solo shot first.

  • Eric Bana will not be the Hulk.

  • The main character does not have Amnesia.

  • The "smoke monster" will not be some memory cloud.

  • And finally, MALE COWS DON'T HAVE UDDERS! Seriously WTF Barnyard!

Well there you have it, I hoped you enjoyed this look into the next episode. It is about halfway done and I'll try to get it done soon(TM) but with work I haven't had that much free time. Speaking of work, we burned down a house the other day. Ah the things we'll do for a joke.


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