Monday, February 1, 2010


I went out to go get breakfast the other morning had an interesting talk with a guy who just moved to LA. He said he just got here Thursday and he's very confident that people will see his natural talent. He plans to have a constant job with acting. I told him about my job and then he asked me if i had any "tips". I opened the paper is was reading to the classifieds and pointed at the janitorial job at the Warner Brothers lot. He got really offend and I said "Man, I came to LA after already having a job, unless you have one hell of a resume nobody is gonna hire you." This actually a fairly common phenomena here in LA. People move here thinking that because they're young and talented everything is going to go their way. On average it takes most people 12 years (that's right) before they reach a level that they would consider themselves successful. The problem is we have many young people in the lime light. These people are the exceptions to the rule. Take me for example, I'm 23 and I have a job writing for a late night talk show. I got where I am because I'm a hard working kiss ass that has a lot of talent and is one of the luckiest bastards in the world.

Just as a bit of advice for people trying to make it in the world. Have a goal for your life, not a dream. Dreams change, goals shouldn't. For example my dream is to be one of the best writers for comedy, but my goal is to do well enough at my current job so that I can be in a position to negotiate a raise at my first employ review. Let's face it, the world is a mean tough place that will beat you into a corner and keep you there. Appreciate the things in life that make you happy whether it is friends, family, or the Raiders losing (the last one might just be me).


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