Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make a Difference

I'd like to say that I was off on some adventure in which I was trying to unearth the Arc of the Covenant (hell I would have taken going to the Amazon to return a skull to some aliens), but alas I was just swamped with work. So I guess I better make this post super extra special huh? Well I come to you with a issue that have been very close to the Nobody Like You cast and crew.

WoW to Blizzard is a organization committed to bringing light to a epidemic that is facing the Warcraft community as a whole, nerfing. Every patch day 11 million players are nerfed for no reason other than they were too strong in pvp and were dominating one class in particular. WoW to Blizzard hopes that through Internet viral adds, T-shirt sells, and a casual passing comment on Oprah their message will be received by Blizzard and the nerfing will stop.

If you wish to support the WoW to Blizzard just go to you local wow forums and start a thread complaining about how your class is the only one that ever gets nerfed. Thank you for your time.
Also, here's the link to download the Lich King's "Unliving on a Prayer" from Nobody Like You EP3


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