Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Flight

Well while I'm enjoying my 6hr layover in Sea-Tac, I thought I'd talk about one of my pet peevs but is getting removed is the expansion so whatever.

Ok blizz I know you like showing all the hard work you've done on your terrain but come on! Stone Talon mountains is right under Ashenvale, why the hell do I need to fly to the coast when I could just go over the mountains? And I know that there's nothing there to hurt me or my bird (not that I've ever 'creatively jumped' like that before). But I guess it doesn't matter cause the expansion will change that all, so yay nerdrage...

In machinima news I've got 3 machinima's planed, all of which will be completed. One is Nobody Like You EP4, and the trailer for EP4, and a special one that is going to be done with some famousish people.


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