Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Time Coming

Well I've been pretty quiet on this thing for a while now but there has been a reason for it. For one I've been writing a weekly article for polygamerous that you can find here. I also have a great job that has kept me more that busy as well as doing some contract work on the side. To be honest though, those are not the real reasons why I haven't released any machinima in the last 6 months. While I often take pride in saying that I do everything from the editing to the writing to the voices, there was one voice that wasn't me. Dot in real life is my best friend and she helped me pitch jokes, refine ideas, and in general encourage me. Nobody Like You had always been something that we did together. However we had a falling out around Christmas and I didn't want to work on machinima because it brought up a lot of bad memories. The good news is that we're currently patching up our friendship and I have high hopes that things will turn out for the best.

What does this mean for Nobody Like You? Well I've decided to end the series. The main reason being that Nobody Like You was always at its core about how much I enjoyed the Deathknight and the scourge. With the Lich King dying there isn't a good reason to keep it going(and he is everyone's favorite character). I am currently working on making the final 4 episodes on the series and they will be released one after another on a weekly schedule. I don't know when I'll have them done but I'll start posting pictures when I get closer to release.

Does this mean I'm done making machinima? I don't know. I first started making machinima because I was doing nothing but grunt work. I now have a job that uses me in a creative format for comedy so I don't have that reason anymore. If it's still fun when this is over with then yes I'll keep making machinima. It's never been about how many views my videos get or how well I'm known. Machinima is something I do because I love a game and it's community and want to share something with them. To be honest the viewers and fans of the series are the main reason for me making the ending.

It'll probably be a while before I do another post but before I go I just wanted to leave you all with something.

"There is nothing more tragic than the lives of we comedians. We see the world as it really is with all it's pain, hatred, and cruelty. Yet even in the darkest hour, we do not hide from the world nor do we humor any delusions that it isn't there. We choose to look it straight in its face, and laugh."
-Jack Riley



  1. Nice post man, keep it up :)

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