Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christ--er Hanukkah Special?

Hey everyone and happy holidays!

This was a short video I made this afternoon because the weather sucked and because of a conversation I had with a friend. Now I'm not Jewish but I had the same friend review the script so I'm hoping that I don't go to hell over this whole thing. Anyway the conversation I had was that there wasn't any Hanukkah Machinima out there. Crazy I know! And yes I understand this is a little late for Hanukkah

Anyway I promised someone very special to me that I'd try to stay way from the computer but I figured I should get this out before Christmas and with the bad weather it was a constructive use of my time... Wow I just said making a 4 min video about Hanukkah using world of warcraft was constructive. I need my new job to start soon....

MP3 of the song



  1. Love the machinima! Fan of the name...Check out the old spaghetti western "My Name is Nobody" precursor to Blazing Saddles...

  2. Yes! Finally someone who has seen it! I'm a big fan of My Name is Nobody :)