Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Not Bias...

So with me being back in Montana for the week and my bum foot (damn cactus), I've had some time to work on Nobody Like You and I got some time on the PTR today. I'll warn you now that whatever you read after this will be a spoiler on the new children's week orphans.


First off, when you talk to the Orphan Matron she will give you the choice of Oracle / Frenzyheart(or gremlins and oohmpa-pa's). After you have chosen there is no going back, so make sure you pick the one you want right off the bat. I've done both, but I favor the Oracles so they're the one I'm gonna talk about.

You're little orphan Oracle is named Roo. And like all Oracles, he has the best flavor text ever! For example:

"Why do the puppy-people hatchlings say we should pity Lafoo? Lafoo talk a lot, but he still our friend."

Like all the orphans you take this little bundle of teeth and smiles to various locations so he can see things and meet important people. But here's the best part, you know at the end of all these quests the orphan is always like "I wish I could keep traveling with you." Well this little guy comes through. He'll write you a letter saying he wants you to take him on journeys whenever you want, and attached to the letter is the curious oracle hatchling. So you really can take him with you!

~Ninth Batter

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