Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Time Coming

Well I've been pretty quiet on this thing for a while now but there has been a reason for it. For one I've been writing a weekly article for polygamerous that you can find here. I also have a great job that has kept me more that busy as well as doing some contract work on the side. To be honest though, those are not the real reasons why I haven't released any machinima in the last 6 months. While I often take pride in saying that I do everything from the editing to the writing to the voices, there was one voice that wasn't me. Dot in real life is my best friend and she helped me pitch jokes, refine ideas, and in general encourage me. Nobody Like You had always been something that we did together. However we had a falling out around Christmas and I didn't want to work on machinima because it brought up a lot of bad memories. The good news is that we're currently patching up our friendship and I have high hopes that things will turn out for the best.

What does this mean for Nobody Like You? Well I've decided to end the series. The main reason being that Nobody Like You was always at its core about how much I enjoyed the Deathknight and the scourge. With the Lich King dying there isn't a good reason to keep it going(and he is everyone's favorite character). I am currently working on making the final 4 episodes on the series and they will be released one after another on a weekly schedule. I don't know when I'll have them done but I'll start posting pictures when I get closer to release.

Does this mean I'm done making machinima? I don't know. I first started making machinima because I was doing nothing but grunt work. I now have a job that uses me in a creative format for comedy so I don't have that reason anymore. If it's still fun when this is over with then yes I'll keep making machinima. It's never been about how many views my videos get or how well I'm known. Machinima is something I do because I love a game and it's community and want to share something with them. To be honest the viewers and fans of the series are the main reason for me making the ending.

It'll probably be a while before I do another post but before I go I just wanted to leave you all with something.

"There is nothing more tragic than the lives of we comedians. We see the world as it really is with all it's pain, hatred, and cruelty. Yet even in the darkest hour, we do not hide from the world nor do we humor any delusions that it isn't there. We choose to look it straight in its face, and laugh."
-Jack Riley


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know Jack

Today's post is going to be a little different for today is my birthday(which I happen to share with my triplet cousins). So today you're not going to see me as Ninth Batter the machinimast and blogger. You're going to see me as Jack. I hope I can make an accurate representation of myself and give you some insight as to what makes me, well me.

In the short life that I have led I have seen love, joy, friendship, deception, cruelty, and a truly horrific act that still haunts me after 8 years. Most of my friends think I'm a brave person. I don't run away from my problems nor do I hide from the unknown. I have stood up to a man with a gun and have prevented a girl from having someone forced upon her, yet I have never considered myself brave. I act brave because people expect it from me when in reality I've always been afraid. People in my life seem to put me on a pedestal and have always expected great things. Yet I can never seem to see what everyone else sees in me.

I see a lot of people my age that think that they haven't accomplished anything in their life but most of the time that's the farthest from the truth. People seem to have this thought in their mind that just because a lot of people don't know their name they aren't successful. Success isn't measured by how many people know you but rather by how much that people that do know you care about you. I envy the father that is teaching his child how to ride a bike or the mother that never misses a soccer game. I wish I had such a influential affect on someone. When it gets down to it odds are that no one you know is going to change the world. The most one can do is shape their own world.

Life is hard for everyone whether you think it is or not. Humans naturally find conflict in their lives. If we are not fixing a conflict we are looking for one. If we can not find conflict we make conflict, it's just who we are. One of the greatest mistakes we can make is thinking that our lives are any worse that anyone else. Life is only as bad as your mind makes it. Try to not focus on the bad and instead fully enjoy all the good that is in your life. Life will always be a struggle, that's how it should me. It's that struggle that makes us stronger and teaches us who we are.

So then who am I? I am: a joker, a friend, a hopeless romantic, a person who fakes bravery, and someone who is unsure. I don't ever claim that I know all there is in the world, I just try my best with what I have. I have had many fortunate things happen in my life, all of which I am grateful for. But my luck isn't because I'm Irish, it is simply because I believe I'm lucky. I know that is a strange concept but if you believe in yourself and believe that good things happen to you, you stop noticing the bad and see much more of the good in your life.

So happy April 7th everyone. There is nothing anymore special about today than any other. Yet on this day I'd like to wish everyone well. Smile and enjoy yourself, I know I will. But then again, it is my birthday.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Well it's been a while since I posted. Sorry if I worried you blog followers(all of my mother and her bridge club) but there is no need to be alarmed. There has been a ton of stuff that has happened since I last posted but here's the quick version. Austin, Boston, Yankee's jersey, Milkshake to the face, commercial, stand-up, Sarlacc Enforcer, script, robot stole my office. And the craziest thing is all of that is true. Anyway time for the news.

It's sort of a good news bad news type of thing. Bad news is that work and everything else has take up most of my time and I haven't had any time to work on Nobody Like You Ep5. And since my life has been so crazy I've decided to push up the schedule for Nobody Like You and I am sad to inform everyone that there will be only 2-3 more episodes.

Now for the good news; I will be making a weekly audio show segment for the Twisted Nether Blogcast. Later this week look for the two pilot episodes of "Two Guys and a Vent Channel" and "The Misadventures of Millhouse Manastorm". Everyone will be able to vote for the show that they wish to be continued so it should be fun.

Also if you haven't checked it out yet have a look at the Sarlacc Enforcer you really should... and that's all I have to say about that.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Explicit Warning

If you haven't heard I'm going to be on Slash 2 podcast tonight at 4 p.m. PST. This is another first for me because it will be my first explicit podcast. In honor of this momentous occasion I will now explain the difference between Profanity, Vulgarity, and Obscenity. Bet you didn't even know there was a difference. Be warned, I will use naughty language in this post.

Profanity: To qualify as a profanity the word or phrase has to be blasphemy like God Damn It or Jesus Christ. It originally was used to describe anything that was older than the church. For example if a building was described as being profane then the build was built before the church.

Vulgarity: A vulgarity is a harsh sounding word that replaces a proper word. Instead of using penis we'd use cock, or instead of breasts we'd use tits. It was originally used by upper class British society to describe the language of the commoners. Vulgarism litteraly means "mean folk talk".

Obscenity: These are the fun words that 13-year-olds playing Halo on xbox live love to use. To be and obscenity the word needs to refer to a sexual act or one's progeny; like fuck, bitch, and bastard. The Catholics are to thank for this one. It was originally used to describe paintings with nudity so that the church could remove it from being publicly displayed.

And now you know... CBS cares....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nobody Likes Meetings ...

*Taken from this morning's Nobody Like You staff meeting.

NinthBatter: If you haven't heard I'll be on Twisted Nether tonight with Fimlys and Nibuca.
Lich King: Why you?
NinthBatter: Well their orginal guest had to cancel and I'm filling in.
Lick King: No I mean why "you". Why not one of us?
NinthBatter: Well I am the creator of the show.
Lich King: So. I'm the f*cking Lich King.
Nobody: I'm gonna have to agree with the big guy here. I'm the star of the show--
Lich King: Well I wouldn't say that...
Nobody: What?
Lich King: Well while I would say you're the title character. We all know that I'm the star of the show.
Kel'Thuzad: I completely agree my king. You're the driving force behind the show.
Anub'arak: Oh I'm sure you'd love him to be the driving force behind something.
Kel'Thuzad: You know I am getting pretty tired of that.
Anub'arak: What? You're and arse bandit with the shakes for king mate. Nothin' wrong with bein' what you are.
Lich King: Umm speak English.
Anub'arak: I am speaking English. "You're" using an American dialect.
NinthBatter: See this is why you guys are never invited to come on other shows. You're all very difficult to work with.

Louis: *sad* Gwnaaannn...

If you are able to make it to the show tonight, Friday February 26th at 8pm PST (11pm EST), come join us for the fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends...

With the Olympics arrival, it has me thinking about the global Warcraft community. With over 11 million players and being played in over 200 different countries, it is truly amazing the diversity that this game has. Just on a personal note I have friends in-game from England, France, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Romania, Denmark, Jamaica, and New Jersey. I can't help but think that this truly describes the internet ideal. That is, friends being able to keep in constant contact despite being separated by mountains, rivers, oceans, and Detroit. Actually that is something I'd like to briefly talk about. I know a lot of people talk about their "in-game friends" and I don't see them as that, I simply see them as friends. Why should it matter how we communicate? I mean when it gets down to it there are very few friends that stay with us our whole lives but that doesn't make the others any less important.

So here's to you World of Warcraft! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet some truly extraordinary people whom I would have probably never met otherwise. And here's to all my friends, World of Warcraft related or otherwise.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Advice From the Scourge: Boner Jam

Once again *sigh* I'm pleased to bring you Love Advice from the Scourge. On this weeks panel we have Anub'arak, Kel'Thuzad, The Lich King, and Nobody(because he's the only sane one). Here's today's questions from you the readers.

Bonerjam asks:"I'm currently single and have never really been in a serious relationship. I'd like to change that. Do you have any advice?"

Anub'arak: I'd start with changing your gamer tag to something other than "Boner Jam".... just saying...
Lich King: Women are not worth it. Sure it seems fun at first but then you kill an entire city to stop the spread of evil and she says "you went too far."
Kel'Thuzad: I completely agree my king. Maybe we could go out some time and do... you know... uh guy stuff.
Nobody: Well if you're the kind of guy that goes out on blind dates a lot, then make it clear that's what you're looking for sometime during the date. Another suggestion to consider is forming a friendship with the person first. That way you can build common interests and the longest lasting relationships are often those of people with many common interests.

MiniDK asks: "Any suggestion as to what I should get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?"

Anub'arak: Severed arm, burnt corpse, still-beating heart of your enemy... you know the classics.
Lich King: I can tell you from experience that the still-beating heart of your enemy isn't for most girls.
Kel'Thuzad: Excellent answer my king. So about us going out...
Nobody: What I think these guys are trying to say is the classics are always nice. Chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals are always good. But if you really want to go the distance this year then what you want to do is make her feel special. I'm not talking about dropping $300 on jewelry, I'm saying showing her that you know her. If she likes music then write her a song or sing her a song that she likes. If she likes books then write her a short story. Let's say you're void of creativity, then plan a romantic afternoon and come to her work to steal her away. A great idea is to recreate your first date, trust me she'll love it. As for you girls thinking about what to get your guy, sex... Get them sex.

If you have any questions you'd like answered send them in! We always like getting e-mail plus I'm planing of having a contest soon, for more information please visit and download the show and comment. Ok that was a shameless plug of my favorite podcast but I promise there might be prizes...